Naruto Shippuden 111 : Shattered Promise

28 05 2009

Kabuto tells Guren, Yukimaru and Naruto that he killed Rinji, and that as war will soon break out between the hidden villages, Orochimaru wants the three-tailed beast to prepare for it. Kabuto summons Rinji’s reanimated corpse, which attacks Guren and Yukimaru while they try to escape. Rinji’s bats overcome Gurens cyrstal style jutsu, shattering them with their ultrasonic waves, but Guren grabs Rinji’s arms and cyrstalises herself and Rinji. Yukimaru’s grief causes him to use his power on the three-tailed beasts, breaking the sealing jutsu. Naruto uses his colaboration jutsu to attack the three-tailed beast, forcing it underwater and stopping its rage. Naruto goes to Yukimaru and tells him they will go home together.


Note: If some movies don’t autoplay, please click on the play button on the player.
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